The Lord's Way Fellowship in Calumpit, Bulacan recently hosted the ESV Global Study Bible Seminar, organized by Christian Growth Ministries, Inc. and facilitated by Church Assistance Ministry. This insightful seminar aimed to equip Christians with a deeper understanding of the Bible through the use of the ESV Global Study Bible. Attendees were provided with valuable tools and resources to enhance their personal study and growth in the Christian faith.

The ESV Global Study Bible is a comprehensive resource designed to aid believers in their study of God's Word. It combines the accuracy and beauty of the English Standard Version (ESV) translation with a wealth of study notes, maps, and articles. This valuable tool enables Christians to delve into the depths of Scripture, gain a better understanding of its historical and cultural contexts, and apply its teachings to their daily lives.

Christian Growth Ministries Inc., in partnership with Herald of Grace Covenant Bible Church, Illuminates Hearts through ESV Global Study Bible Seminar.

Collaborating with Christian Growth Ministries, Inc., Herald of Grace Covenant Bible Church spearheaded an enlightening event that left attendees with hearts aflame for God's Word. The ESV Global Study Bible Seminar, organized under the supervision of the Church Assistance Ministry, proved to be a transformative gathering.

Under the watchful eye of the Church Assistance Ministry, the seminar created an atmosphere of unity and encouragement. Attendees engaged in vibrant discussions, exchanging personal insights, and forming lasting connections. The Church Assistance Ministry's oversight ensured a smooth and impactful event, empowering individuals to grow in their faith.

As the seminar concluded, hearts were ignited with a renewed passion for God's Word. Attendees departed with a deepened understanding, inspired to continue their spiritual journey. The partnership between Herald of Grace Covenant Bible Church, Christian Growth Ministries, Inc., and the Church Assistance Ministry stands as a beacon of hope, illuminating minds and nurturing souls through the profound wisdom found within the pages of the ESV Global Study Bible.


Male Pastors, Lay Leaders & Bible School Students

1. Send Name(s) to L.A Cruz Thru FB Messenger or Mobile Text Messaging:
0955 641 9752

2. Pay Thru GCash
0955 641 9752 (L**AL**N C.)

3. Add P20 Per P1000.00 Thru G Cash.

4. Send Receipt or Screen Shot of Transaction to FB Messenger Account:: L.A Cruz
(Indicated as CGM Volunteer on FaceBook Account)

5. Reminder, Reservations or Sending of Names Are Not a Guarantee of Having a Secured Registration Slot. Those Who are First to Pay Thru GCash are the First to be Guaranteed of Official Registration. 


Dive into a Sea of Stories! Join us at the CGM Book Fair, June 20-22, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Get ready for an ocean of discounts, ranging from 30 to 50% off! Discover imported treasures, timeless classics, helpful references, captivating CGM books, inspirational reads, Bibles, and an enchanting collection of children's books. There's something for readers of all ages! Don't miss the wave of excitement - come and ride the tide of reading fun at Jabez Campsite, Chapel!

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uh|28th Pastoral Care Conference

This year’s theme was Exalting the Glory of Christ in Life & Ministry. The text was from Philippians 1:20. The sole speaker for this year’s theme was Dr. BK Smith from the Master’s Seminary and Pastor of Squamish Baptist Church in Canada.

full|CGM Anniversary Book Sale

We invite you to our ANNIVERSARY BOOK FAIR 2022!

Big discounts & other fun items await you. Join us on Aug 16-18, 2022!

Mark your calendars... we hope to see you there!

full|A journey worth taking

Seven months have passed and we are still standing tall because of God’s divine interventions in the midst of challenges. Until now, we declare boldly God’s sustaining grace when we are at the point of giving up. While we strive to survive the pandemic, we also have to win battles in our organization. And yes, we have learned to surrender all to our God because the battle belongs to Him, not ours...


To date, we have planted about half hectare of sweet corn that should be ready for harvest by August. We have also planted vegetables namely: pechay, eggplant, mustard, chili, squash, okra, lettuce and papaya. Some of these vegetables should be ready for harvest by next month and some by August.

full|Jabez Campsite Improvements

With the completion of the swimming pool cottage, we pray that it will help generate income for the campsite during the GCQ / MGCQ period. We can use it to attract families who wants rest and escape the chaos of the pandemic. 

uh|Medical mission

Amidst the busyness in pursuance of God’s will, we do not forget our own and ensure the safety of our employees, especially CGM’s front liners. 

uh|Relief Operation for Needy Families

Last June 18, 2020, fifty (50) families from the coastal area of Cavite City were blessed with grocery packs. This was conducted in partnership with Christian Word Center, Cavite City.


In partnership with Pastor Sonny Diaz and Pastor Boa Gabiertan of Breath of Life City Worship in Tubigan, Lemery Batangas, we were able to bless fifty (50) pastors and their families with groceries, rice and clean drinking water last June 16, 2020. They were also very grateful for the books that were given to them.

full|NLT Seminars

The worldwide pandemic has greatly affected all but even such cannot hinder our service to God and His people. It is “business as usual” for our ministries in CGM as we fondly put it. Even this pandemic cannot hold God from accomplishing His purposes as our Church Assistance Ministry continue to thrive towards achieving our mission of transforming lives for God’s Kingdom.

full|59th Anniversary Book Fair

We invite you to our ANNUAL BOOK FAIR! 📚

Other fun items await you as well as you join us on Aug 27-28! Mark it on your calendars and we hope to see you there! 🤩



full|Theological Forum has been cancelled

We regret to inform you that our Theological Forum (Trinitarian Doctrine) at Jabez Campsite on April 27, 2020 has been cancelled. We made this difficult decision to cancel because of rapid spread of COVID.

uh|Prayer Day 2020

January 10, 2020

As the 2020 started, CGM began the year with a prayer... 

full|Taal Relief Distribution January 17, 2020

Without any hesitation when the Taal Volcano erupted, the CGM management set a relief operation to the affected areas. All employees volunteered in packing and loading of all stuffs.....


uh|25th Pastoral Care Conference

October 8-11, 2019

Silver Anniversary
"The integrity of the Heart, Skillfulness of the Hand"

Once more, the annual CGM Pasotoral CAre Conference was full packed!...