Unforgettable Moments of Unity: Students and staff gather for Jabez Christian School's General Chapel Time, strengthening bonds, fostering growth, and nurturing hearts together.

We offer Pre-School, Grade School, Junior High School, and Senior High School (ABM, STEM and HUMSS)
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📌 Jabez Christian School is recognized by the Department of Education, certified by FAPE/PEAC, a member of Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), City of Dasmarinas Association of Private Schools (CDAPS), Federation of Christian Schools-Cavite (FCS), and Mechatronics and Robotics Society of the Philippines (MRSP). Jabez Christian School was also authorized by the Bureau of Immigration to accept foreign students.
🟢 Our school has spacious, totally secured and green environment with gymnasium, ball field and swimming pool located at Km. 36 Governor's Drive, Sampaloc 4, City of Dasmariñas, Cavite.
🟢 JCS regards every child as a unique individual who possesses different sets of abilities or intelligences designed by God. JCS believes that the highest goal of education is to help develop the students into the person that God created them to be, and to guide them in fulfilling their God-given purpose.
🟢 JCS envisions to be a leading Christian international school assisting parents in nurturing, developing and equipping children and youth to be of service to God, family and society and transforming lives for God’s glory.
🟢 JCS commits itself in exceeding standards towards the promotion of holistic child development and equipping of children and youth to become lifelong active learners, to deal with life, be of service to God, and become responsible members of their family and society.


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full|A journey worth taking

Seven months have passed and we are still standing tall because of God’s divine interventions in the midst of challenges. Until now, we declare boldly God’s sustaining grace when we are at the point of giving up. While we strive to survive the pandemic, we also have to win battles in our organization. And yes, we have learned to surrender all to our God because the battle belongs to Him, not ours...

full|The Heart of a Servant to the Glory of God

"The Heart of a Servant
to the Glory of God"

August 08, 2017

The Conference was attended by Ninety-two (92) delegates from Thirty-three (33) different churches and organizations within Calabarzon area, some from Metro Manila and others from provinces far and near.

uh|JCS Makeover

This school year, developments in Jabez Christian School are evident.  The beautification of the surroundings and the ongoing construction of three new rooms to house the Pre-school department next school year are among the make-overs in JCS.This school year, developments in Jabez Christian School are evident.  The beautification of the surroundings and the ongoing construction of three new rooms to house the Pre-school department next school year are among the make-overs in JCS.

The maintenance helped a lot in the beautification project like landscaping and planting some ornamental plants to make the school grounds look better.

by Marius Martino

Every year, Jabez Christian School (JCS) improves not only the teachers, but also the physical features that make it more pleasant for the people to see. This improvement shows that it benefits teachers, students and visitors.

Last December 2008, building the new classrooms started. The building will serve as the new classrooms for pre-school department.

by Remar Ebrona

Every year level prepared their presentation. Some do declamation, poem, speech, and a chamber theater are some of the presentation prepared by each class. Ms. Roda took charge of the event, she also helped the High School students in doing their presentation. The 1st year class presented a declamation entitled “Two Friends” while the 2nd year class performed a choral entitled “Poor Old Woman”. They wore complete costumes and make-ups, all of them participated and memorized their script very well.

by Henna Faeldo

It was interesting because they play it in a form of pantomime and make it humorous so everybody could enjoy watching it. After the play, Marinel Bacala explained about the play so that it would be more understandable. Offering and tithes were gathered during the chapel hour. Dr. Rubai was invited speaker to discuss about HEROES. The definition hero is an ordinary person who responded to an EXTRA–ORINADY GOD.

by Khristine Caasi