Seminars & Conferences

CGM conducts conferences and seminars to equip Christian leaders, pastors and lay workers for effective ministry.

full|24th Pastoral Care Conference

Calling all Pastors to a Renewed Passion for the Calling God has Place on their Lives.

The Church: All to the Glory of God

"The highest expression of the will of God in this age is the church which He purchased with his own blood." --AW TOZER

uh|NLT LASB Seminar

Held at Baliwag Bulacan

August 31, 2018

uh|LASB Seminar

Held at Sariaya, Quezon

January 18, 2018

uh|22nd Pastoral Care Conference

"The Glory of God in the Ministry and the Ministers"

The Conference was attended by a total of 256 Pastors, Christian Workers and Bible School Students coming from the different provinces of the Philippines including the conferences staff. We are blessed to have three (3) foreign speakers: Pastor BK Smith, Bro. Lim Kou joined by his wife Florence, Bro Kia Hwa & Joyce Kang, and Bro. Jeff Anderson. Three (3) Filipino Pastors invited as speakers during the 4-day conference, as follows: Ptr. Allan Luciano, Ptr. Nett Gochuico and Ptr. Henry Santos.

uh|Santiago Seminar

LASB Seminar held at Santiago, Isabela

June 29, 2013

full|Ministering Effectively as People After God's Own Heart

as People after

God's Own Heart

One-day pastor's conference with Rev. Charles Price
Senior Pastor
People's Church of Toronto
Toronto Canada


Contact CGM Office at Tel. Nos.421-71-55 to 56  look for Ms. Lorena or Pastor Lito

uh|18th Pastoral Care Conference

with Dr. Gary Rieben

AUGUST 7 TO 9, 2012

This 2012 is the 18th years of Pastoral Care Conference sponsored by Christian Growth Ministries and ACTION International Ministries.

full|Prisoner No More!

"Before this faith came, we were held prisoners by the law, locked up until faith should be revealed." Gal. 3:23

uh|Another Milestone for Pastoral Care

“My calling was renewed; I was strengthened, and fed with new insights”; Capt. Rey Magat – Salvation Army-Asingan, Pangasinan

full|A Family that Makes Difference in Ministry and Society

Pastor Cyril Agustino of Aklan Baptist Church together with other pastors has this to say, “We are thankful to CGM and ACTION for bringing the conference here. The speakers are anointed; they tackled the issues without reservations”.

uh|One Day Conference for Samareños

Topic: Spiritual Maturity as Measurement of Church Growth

During the sessions on Five (5) Spiritual Maturity Indicators (Sin, Sanctification, Surrender, Spirit-fullness, and Service),

A One-day Conference of a thrilling journey into the world of the Old Testament tabernacle, its priests, sacrifices and feasts.


This One-day conference is unique in two ways – first, it is the first time the conference speaker led the delegates embarked on a wonderful journey of discovery in the Bible especially during the Old Testament times. Such questions as –

  • If God is love then why is there evil in the world?
  • Why would God create the Devil?
  • If no one was ever made right with God by sacrificing animals then why did God command man to do it?
  • What is the law all about?
  • What was the priesthood God established and does it exist today?

And other related questions were answered as the speaker explained the Old Testament animal sacrifices, the blood, the priests, the laws and the covenants.


Two-Day Conference with Ptr. David Stevenson and Dr. John Richard

On Aug 19 and 20, CGM/ACTION conducted a pastor/worker conference exclusively for a single church denomination. Aug. 19 was scheduled for the Christian Brethren pastors, workers and lay leaders, while Aug. 20 was designated to the Baptist denomination.


About 33 delegates of the Christian Brethren arrived to attend the conference. Some of them came from as far as Tanay, Rizal, Bulacan and Pampanga.

The venue was at the New Tribes Mission conference hall, a very spacious place, well lit, cool air conditioners and very clean restrooms. Since there was enough space, tables were set up for the delegates to write their notes. Also, the kitchen is adjacent to the conference hall so there is no need to be relocating to another place, thereby saving time.

"Shepherding the Flock of God”
August 12-14, 2008
Project Jabez Campsite, Pala-pala, Dasmarinas, Cavite

Shepherding the flock of God was the theme chosen for the 14th Pastoral conference, a two and a half day, all men conference for pastors and workers. 153 delegates coming from as far as Mindoro, Zambales, Gumaca, Quezon and Bondoc Peninsula came. There were also two Korean delegates that attended the conference.


Men and Women in Ministry


“Living in the world is like a boxing match. A boxer cannot be expected to win when he gets to his corner after being beaten by his opponent, gets beaten by his handlers!” It may be a funny illustration, but this example was used by Dr. Wil and Jackie Chevalier to drive home a point in one of their sessions in a seminar they conducted for men and women in the ministry. Sponsored by CGM/ACTION, the one day conference was attended by 154 pastors, lay leaders and Christian workers. The main speakers were Dr. Wil and Jackie Chevalier.





Dr. Wil and Jackie, a husband-wife team, had been full-time missionaries in the Philippines for 12 years under Guideline for Family Living (with Harold Sala). Their primary work was in the area of counseling, especially for the married couples. Jackie was also involved as a beauty consultant with the World of Women, a television program for women, and was also a counselor in its center. For more than 24 years they had been conducting conference and training in the areas of conflict management, communication and marriage/family issues around the world. They are also co-founder of Life Branch Institute International, and member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and International Press Association.