A former inmate of National Bilibid prison, Bro. Raul Tejada was not aware of anger and bitterness that were eating him out. These weaknesses controlled him, even before he was incarcerated in jail.

For many years in his life, the devil took advantage of his fury and enslaved him in bitterness. He was motivated only by his personal needs and desires, wanting to satisfy only himself.

But like anyone saved from the certainty of eternal damnation, Bro. Raul is grateful for the redemption he received through the Lord Jesus Christ. He was freed both from spiritual captivity and physical imprisonment. He is now out of prison and serves as one of the elders and devotional leader of their church, Calvary Chapel Prison Ministry.

He pursued the habit of reading the Bible and attending several trainings and seminars. Through the help of CGM’s Church Assistance Ministries’ seminars, he learned the importance of directing his attention towards Jesus and focusing on other’s needs. His personal ambitions and desires are no longer the center of his priorities and wants.

True enough, the result of self-confrontation Biblical counseling is equally rewarding both to this brother and his would be counselees.


Before this faith came, we were held prisoners by the law, locked up until faith should be revealed.” Gal. 3:23