Evangelism was at the core of CGM’s vision. Through its Mission Outreaches, CGM partners with church planters and local missionaries to reach the least evangelized provinces and ethnic groups of the Philippines with the Gospel.


Church Assistance Ministry

Assists and equips pastors, church leaders and workers in evangelism and discipleship through mission outreaches, jail ministry and seminars and conferences.

True to what Jesus said in Matthew 25:36, “I was in prison and you came to visit me…”, CGM assists and equips local churches to conduct discipleship programs for prisoners in selected jails in Metro Manila. Jail workers are equipped, mobilized and united for effective service and ministry.



Previous Events and Updates:

One-Day Conference at NBP Sampaguita Compound

On September 2008, CGM in partnership with Action International Ministries conducted a One-Day Conference at National Bilibid Prison (NBP). Missionaries of ACTION, Dr. Rod Pence and Steven Blakeman discussed the meaning of “True Worship”, they also challenged and encouraged them using the book of Romans. The conference was attended by 100 inmates.

RVO’s Half-Day Seminar

A Half-Day seminar for Religious Volunteer Officers was also held outside the Sampaguita compound of NBP. The seminar was attended by 37 RVOs.


Two Days Discipleship Training at Mandaluyong City Jail

21 inmates were challenged and encouraged to live a life pleasing to God, to share their personal testimony as followers of Christ and to share the gospel to other prisoners.

December 2008, Christmas Gift-Giving
(Rizal Provincial Jail and Mandaluyong City Jail)

418 inmates attended and received gift packs

205 inmates prayed to receive Christ.

36 Jail Guards joined the Evangelistic gift-giving


Upcoming Event:

"The Reunion",

A One-Day Conference for Ex-prisoners who are in the ministry.
Date: November 16, 2009
Venue: The Bible League, #9 Col. Salgado St., Kamias, Quezon City


Literature Ministry

For readers looking for books that communicate, minister, inform, equip and entertain, CGM publishes Bible-based, relevant, inspirational, literary materials and resources for distribution.

Jabez Christian School

Providing a safe, nurturing environment for learning where individuality is recognized and diversity is celebrated; Presenting a curriculum that is intellectually stimulating and developmentally appropriate;




Child Sponsorship Program – provides educational assistance to less privileged Children (ages 7-15) years old in the community through partnership with local churches. Among the services that are being provided by HOJ and partner churches are subsidy on school allowances and school supplies, enrichment & recreational activities and discipleship activities.









Bishop Fred Magbanua Jr.
Atty. Alex Parco Member
Mr. Zoilo De Guzman Member
Mr. Rudy Ponce Deleon Member
Mr. Met Guthuico Member
Mr. Jeff Anderson Secretary
Rev. Miguel “Mike” Lacanilao President













Jabez Campsite Trees and Landscape





Km.36, Governor’s Drive, Brgy. Sampaloc I, DasmariῆasCity, Cavite
Tel/Fax No: (046) 416-6774 / Smart Mobile: 0920-920-3740 / Globe Mobile: 0917-569-6423
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / website : www.cgm.ph

Reservation/Booking/Deposit Confirmation



Name:__________________________________________________________________     Job Title:__________________________________________________
Church/Org’n./School Name:________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Office Address:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Office Phone:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
E-mail Address:__________________________________________________________________ Office Fax:________________________________________
Home Address:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Please check the space provided:
Denomination___         Evangelical ____       Baptist ____        Pentecostal ____     Charismatic   Others:____________________________
Non-Christian Group:____    School ____     High School ____      College____    Corporate/Business _____    LGU_____      NGO_____
New Customer____Old Customer _____Repeat Customer    Referred By:_______________________________
Participants: ______  Children ______ Teens ______ Youth  ______ Adults(Young Pro) _____  Adults  (Senior  Citizens)_____________


Date of Booking/Reservation:    From:______________________ To:_____________________________
Arrival Time: ________________  Departure Time:_________________ Total # of days:______________
 Total Participants: _________________
First Meal:___________________________
Last Meal:____________ _______________
Total Meals:_________________________                                  Total amount deposited:_____________________________

                                 ________________________________________                                                                             Date:___________________________
                                              Name and Signature
                                ________________________________________                                                                                Date:__________________________
                                         Reservation Booking Clerk 


Reservation Policy:  The 30% deposit/reservation fee is non-refundable.
REMINDERS: Please leave the rooms on check-out time. Our housekeeping will clean the rooms for the next group. Any excess of two (2) hours will be considered one half (1/2) day. Excess of three (3) hours is considered one (1) full day.

This is not the final billing.



  1. Reservation must be paid 2 months before the actual date of the camp.
  2. The reservation/deposit fee for accommodation and food must be 30% of the total number of occupants. This is non-refundable.
  3. No group considered booked unless the 30% reservation fee is paid. Failure to deposit on the agreed date and deadline would mean cancellation of tentative reservation. Campsite has the right to cancel unpaid deposits without prior notice.
  4. The total bed capacity of the Campsite is 256 persons.Campsite has the right to accept other group if  your reservation is below 85 persons.
  5. Groups who insist to use the Campsite exclusively will pay a total P46,080 unoccupied rooms/day.
  6.   For 2 groups who will use the Campsite,the group with the highest number of participants will be assigned in the Chapel area. Group with smaller participants will be assigned in the Session Hall or Mini-conference. First come,  first served basis only.
  7. During summer or peak season(April & May) reservation should not less than 85 persons.
  8. Payment by check should be made 3 weeks in advance.Checks should be payable to Christian Growth Ministries,Inc. You may  deposit at CGM bank Account # 6015-0544-31 at any BPI-Family  Branch.Deposit slip should be sent thru Tel/fax  (046)461-6774 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm your deposit/s.Please bring your deposit slip on the actual date of the camp.
  9.  No checks  are  allowed as payments during the actual date of the camp We accept cash only.
  10. Cancellation of scheduled booking should be two (2) months before the actual date of the camp. Failure to comply to this policy will mean the forfeiture of your deposits for accomodation and food.
  11. CHECK-IN TIME: 2:00PM        CHECK-OUT TIME: 12:00 NOON     Please settle your account @ 10AM.
  12. Children should be charged at the following rates for the accommodation and food, as follows:

             1 – 2 years old = Free 3  years old and above = Full payment 

























Jabez Campsite

"We are committed to provide facilities conducive for retreats, conferences, seminars and other spiritual activities that will promote and strengthen personal intimacy with God"


Attention Camp Leaders!


    1. Check-in time is 2:00PM. Check-out time is 12:00 noon. There will be P300 surcharge for each cabin/room key not in the office and each room not vacated by 12:00 noon on the day of the check-out. Please return your keys to the booking office before leaving the Campsite. Surcharge of P300.00 for lost keys.
    2. Rooms can be only occupied by same gender, unless a special family arrangement has been made.
    3. Please bring to the attention of the front desk any problem with your room or other facilities. Any damage to campsite property must be duly made good either by replacement or by compensation at the sole discretion of the management.
    4. Turn off lights, ceiling fans, exhaust fans and air cons when checking-out of the room.
    5. No fixing of signs or posters with strong adhesives to doors or walls without the approval of the management.
    6. Microphones, Sound system, laptop and DLP may be used during meeting only.
    7. There is no guarantee of set-up for advance party.
    8. No meal stubs/tickets are given for last meal until room keys are turned-in.
    9. The campsite will not be responsible for lost valuables. Please take care of your personal belongings. Lost valuables should be reported at the front desk.
    10. Curfew hours: 10PM  to 6:00AM – for the safety of everyone , guests are not allowed to leave the campsite premises unless arranged at the front desk. Notify the office of incoming guests or speakers if they are coming at night.
    1. Meal schedules are as follows: Breakfast – 7:00AM to 8:00AM; Lunch – 12 noon to 1:00PM; Supper – 6:00PM to 7:00PM.
    2. Meals are strictly 35 minutes in duration. Guests are not to stay longer at the dining room due to Preparation for the next meal.
    3. No refund for missed meals. 15% surcharged for late or delayed meals. 50% surcharged for lost meal ticket/stub.
    4. Bringing of food out in the dining room is strictly prohibited. In case of illness, please contact booking clerk for assistance. In case of food allergies, please inform the front desk immediately.
    5. Snack items are available at the mini-store.
    6. Borrowing of kitchen wares and equipment’s from the dining hall  is strictly prohibited.
    7. Complete your group before entering the dining room to eat.
    8. Outside food deliveries like Jolibbe, McDonald, Chowking, KFC and other fastfood and catering.
    9. Services is strictly prohibited.Client/Customer are required to pay 20% Corkage from the total Amount of food delivery.
    1. Accidents may happen anytime, please bring  FIRST AID KIT for those who will use the facilities.
    2. All activities should be supervised by competent and trained adults.
    3. Inform the Booking  Office if you will use the facilities. Waiver should be signed properly.
    4. It is advisable that campers who will use the facilities has a one or three days personal accident insurance.
    1. No immodest attire.  Maong shorts with metallic buttons or zippers and dark colored shirts are not allowed in the pool.
    2. No soap or shampoo in the swimming pool or water area.
    3. The swimming pool is open at 8:30AM up to 5:30PM.  Please inform the the  booking clerk for time extension. No lifeguard on duty, no swimming.
    4. Children must be accompanied by parent, guardian or adult.
    5. No music gadgets or any sound system at the pool area without permission from Campsite Management.
    6. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and cigarettes are strictly prohibited inside the property.
    7. We will prioritize the use of swimming pool for churches who will use  the pool for baptism.
    8. Waiver should be signed if you used the swimming pool facility for minor children.


JABEZ CAMPSITE has the right to screen programs/ activities of any group who want to use the property upon reservation.  

“Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.”  James 4:17

Our Vision:

A Christ-centered organization transforming lives for God's Kingdom.


Our Mission:

We partner with local churches and organization towards evangelization and transformational development through relevant ministries.


Our Core Values:

  1. Bible-based - CGM is a bible-based organization upholding its principles, policies, practices and beliefs, making God's Word our sure foundation.
  2. Christ-likeness - We are committed to live and exemplary life, serving with love, compassion, humility, honesty and willingness to sacrifice.
  3. Dynamic Leadership - We at CGM, work together to provide a dynamic leadership that is sustainable, motivated and effective in fulfilling its vision, mission and goals.
  4. Empowering Relationship - We encourage a strong and harmonious relationship, which love and pray for one another. We believe that transparency, accountability and openness are essentials in the ministry.
  5. Responsible Stewardship -The CGM family undertakes its ministries with integrity and success by generating resources and managing them wisely in accordance to God's standard.


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