Mike Filkins and his family served as missionaries in the Philippines in the 1980's. They worked at the Second Mile Discipleship and Vocational Training Center in Cavite.

Mike is a graduate from Prairie College and a lifelong student of God's Word. He is also a skilled gardenere. Making plants grow and flourish is a passion of his! As an ordained pastor, he understands the need for struggling servants of God to feed their families. Mike's teaching demonstrates both of his knowledge of gardening and his burden to help Filipino pastors grow their own food.

Mike and his wife, Elaine, currently live in a small town in the North Georgia mountains in the USA where they continually search for better, all-natural, organic gardening methods using their yard as a sample of God's bounty in a small space.

They are actively involved in a local church where Mike is an Elder and Teacher. They serve the congregation in many ways while continuing to pursue their "AUG degree" (Approved Unto God), 2 Timothy 2:15.