In the afternoon of Aug 30th, the whole CGM and JCS Staff embarked in a productive team building led by Ms. Karen Borillo of Èlan Consulting together with her assistants, Ms. Jeanette Nano, Ms. Nicole Estrella and Ms. Anika Estrella. Together they led all sixty (60) CGM team into an afternoon of discovery that aims to break down barriers among CGM and JCS staff, allowing them to be more effective servants in their respective ministry.

Ms. Karen Borillo set the tone for the team building by explaining the rationale for having the team activity and setting realistic expectations. Through the familiar game, The Boat is Sinking, five (5) groups were formed from the participants. It was followed by the River Crossing activity that enabled participants to realize the following: 1. Communications and collaboration is important; 2. Connectedness with each other is necessary to achieve our goals; 3. We may need to get out of our comfort zones in order to succeed and; 4. We have to work with what is available in order to drive success.

After some physical activities, the participants were encouraged to utilize the brain power by completing the puzzle assigned to them as a group. At the end of the game, they realized that they may have different functions but they are part of one team. Winning means everybody wins and not just “my team.”

The last activity was the Tap Ball, another energetic game that aimed to draw out important mindset of team effectiveness. The participants were able to realize that each one has a value to add in the team goals; they can do more than what is required; there may be some that can contribute more than others but if everyone has this attitude, it would impact the goal tremendously and taking initiative is an important element in achieving the goals.

All in all, it was a very productive afternoon, with each coming to terms that they need to keep on learning and growing together as one team.