It is exciting how the Lord sustains us in the online distance platform. We all struggled at the beginning of the school year, and we had to assure the parents that we could deliver results by God’s grace and mercy.

Seven months have passed and we are still standing tall because of God’s divine interventions in the midst of challenges. Until now, we declare boldly God’s sustaining grace when we are at the point of giving up. While we strive to survive the pandemic, we also have to win battles in our organization. And yes, we have learned to surrender all to our God because the battle belongs to Him, not ours.

Setting aside those hurdles, we focus our eyes on Jesus. The smiles on the faces of our students have been our inspiration to give all our best. As a school, we also witness how our students and parents strive to win over this pandemic through serious online learning. Indeed, no one can stop us from teaching, learning, and relearning until we master the most essential learning competencies.

Despite our own limitations due to financial problems, God has enabled us to be an extension of His grace and love to other communities. Our parents and teachers contributed to provide for the victims of typhoon and fire last year. We have witnessed how the Lord makes something little into something big so we can be channels of blessings to others.

Just like the regular days, we manage to celebrate the significant events like the  Buwan ng Wika, Teachers’ Day, and Christmas Day. We are able to conduct virtual costume contests, too. We never missed the monthly chapel time, and our classes start with growing in God’s love and growing in love for His Word through Christian Education. We continue to inculcate to the students the love and respect for our country as we consistently sing the National Anthem and recite the Panatang Makabayan every Monday morning.

The online platform has not been a hindrance for us to do our Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) program. We do not stop in developing concepts only. We deliver actual outputs and provide proofs through video recording.

Our Music, Arts, and PE (MAPEH) Team prepares a monthly activity to strike a balance between the academic and the development of skills through practical arts. Indeed, our online program is just right—not too light and not too much!

The series of research defenses have been done in a unique way, too! The research topics of the students are so relevant and real to their current life situations. The panel discussions have not been meaningful only but emotions poured out as the senior high students shared their journey while doing their projects together.

We are happy to announce that we are moving towards the end of the school year! We are welcoming the 4th quarter with a grateful heart. As we prepare for the unfolding of school year

AY2020-2021, we can only say that it is indeed a journey worth taking. God’s presence has been with us all the time. Yes, we are running the race with our God holding us together until we reach the finish line. We have learned a lot, and we will learn more for the next school year!

To God be the glory!


Christine Santos
Academic Head