Delegates started coming as early as 7 AM. After registering, they went up to the roofdeck (4th floor) to avail of the light breakfast provided for them. The program started at 8:20 a.m. After some singing, a devotional led by Pastor Herman Moldez, former IVCF Phils. Gen. Sec., Director of Mentor Links Phils and Senior Pastor of Faith Baptist Church, officially started the conference. Citing the reality that problems with pasturing really come from within the church, he used Gal. 6: 1-2 as spring board to exhort, as well as encourage the delegates to build integrity in their ministry. After enumerating dangers and temptations where pastors usually fall, Pastor Herman gave examples how to guard themselves from falling into these temptations. He strongly suggested sharing their burdens with others, creating an environment of love and trust and building a community that is rooted in love. And realize that even as pastors, they are vulnerable and only by the grace of God that they stand. He also encouraged them to form a bond of brothers where they can share their deepest needs, ministering to one another, as well as serve as an accountability group.

Pastor Tom Crouse, Senior Pastor of Holland Congregational Church in USA, conducted four sessions that day. Speaking on the topic of Integrity in the Ministry, he first spoke about personal integrity. Citing the life of David, he reminded the pastors of the great dangers and temptations facing the man of God and the consequences that follow. He ended the session through an altar call – call for repentance. Several pastors responded to the call by raising their hands while Pastor Crouse prayed for them.

Biblical Integrity was the topic of the second session where Pastor Crouse expounded on 2 Tim. 4: 1- 5, Paul’s warning to Timothy that difficult times are coming. Paul enumerated the things that Timothy will go through. But he also encouraged Timothy to go on. Basing from this passage, Pastor Crouse said that the same things will be experienced by pastors because there is a cost in following Jesus. He also stressed that people in the church is God’s people – not “my” people as some pastors would say. Preach the word – an exhortation he also emphasized as Paul did. This is in contrasts to prevailing teachings about prosperity gospels and healing outreaches. He said the issue is not the size of the church, but how much of God’s word is being preached. If a pastor does not have a biblical integrity, the church is in trouble. He challenged the delegates as well as reminded them that it is only pastors who are privileged to preach God’s word (presidents, kings could not do that). “I charge you … “he concluded this session, “be faithful in preaching God’s word.”

The third session focused on shepherding integrity where Pastor Crouse emphasized that the sheep (church congregation) does not belong to the pastor but God’s. He also cited the role of the pastor’s wife in caring for the flock. He also talked about complaining about God’s people. Some people he called “joy suckers”, he said, are put in the church by God to increase the pastor’s dependence upon God. Citing the example of Jesus in washing the disciples’ feet including Judas who was going to betray Him, he said the pastors’ shepherding includes everybody even those who are unlovable. “What does He see in you as a shepherd?” This was the question he left with the delegates as he ended up this session.

Before lunch was served, there was a group picture taking. However, many did not make it to the picture taking because of long lines going up to the roof deck. Due to shortness of chairs, the delegates were asked to bring their chairs to the mess hall, and it created a mess! There was enough food for all though.

Before the afternoon session, CGM ministry was presented. Then Mr. Doug Nichols, former Director of CGM, Founder and Former International Director of ACTION shared a special message from the book of Titus. But before he spoke, short documentary was shot for ACTION.

In his message, Mr. Nichols emphasized the words “good deeds or works” and exhorted the delegates to walk in them (Titus 1:16). Citing an example of good deeds, he narrated the story of David Yount, founder of Greenhills Christian Fellowship, who went to visit a black man. Inspite of the man’s swearing at him, he gave him a bath and always came back to visit him, until finally, the man accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. He challenged the delegates to emulate his example in serving and reaching out to others who cannot pay back the good deeds done to them. Speaking on being zealous for every good deed and to be ready for every good deed, Mr. Nichols also told about Dr. Santiago, who treated his wife, Margie, in Mindoro when she had appendicitis. All these, he said, opened the door for the gospel to be shared.

Integrity in our perspective of life (how we view life) was the topic of the fourth session.

How you view life, is how you view ministry. Using Moses as example, Pastor Crouse narrated how Moses prayed for the people in spite of their hard-headedness. Often, Pastors Crouse said, pastors are competing – with how large the church and congregation is, status, accomplishment, etc. Some pastors, he said, are preaching against another pastor, just like what happened to Paul. But Paul’s attitude was “for me to live is Christ and to die is gain…” When you understand death is gain, you begin to live for Christ, and live for the better and truth. “As pastors,” Pastor Crouse concluded, “we must desire integrity in our ministry counting all for the sake of Christ.”

The last session was question and answer portion. Aside from the questions on the topic of integrity, there were also other questions raised. Like one delegate who claimed she got saved through the ministry of Jimmy Swaggart who caused a reaction from the group when she said that the manifestation of having the Holy Spirit is through speaking in tongues. Another lady who stood up who said she has been a pastor of a church for 25 years, and also agreed with the first lady who commented on the Holy Spirit. She was told by Pastor Crouse that it is not biblical for her to continue serving as a pastor. Many applauded in the audience after Pastor Tom Crouse said that.

Since most questions raised were not related to the seminars’ topic, Ahl, CGM staff and program emcee, finally stood up to remind the delegates to ask questions related to the topic of integrity in ministry and not on doctrinal/denominational differences. It was interesting to note that most of the questions were asked by women and most of their questions were controversial and centered on Benny Hinn, whom Pastor Crouse mentioned as a false teacher. This drew many reactions from some delegates who apparently belong and believe in Benny Hinn’s teachings. These were reflected on the comments they submitted after the seminar: “Be careful to speak to man of God especially if the ministry or his calling is already proven. Have a careful study about it before you announce.” “Please refrain commenting others’ belief.” “Tom Crouse saying Benny Hinn is a false teacher. No proof.”

While it is sad to know that there were people of the wrong belief who were able to attend this conference, it was encouraging that the Biblical truth and principle was preached and shared that day. Pastor Crouse repeatedly stated, “This is what the Bible says. . .” and he stood as a living testimony to integrity in ministry by sticking to the word of God. By God’s grace, when these delegates return to their respective denominations, they will begin to search the Scriptures and not rely solely on the teachings they hear. This is what CGM/ACTION conferences wants to accomplish – preach the Word of God and share the Biblical truth and principles, because IT is the only basis of a true Christian ministry.

Before Rosely gave the plaque of appreciation to Pastor Crouse, she said a word of apology for delegates who were not properly accommodated due to unexpected number of delegates who came.

A P200 gift was given to each of the 25 early registrants as token. Then the three (3) books included in CLAIM set #41 which composed of the following – Jesus Christ’s Astounding Promise by Wentworth Pike, Living as God’s Own People (Titus and Sermon Outlines) by Stuart Briscoe and Kristianong Pagpapayo (Biblical Counseling) by Willy Basilio were distributed. The delegates also received the book of Pastor Tom Crouse, entitled Don’t Strike the Rock which were distributed on the early part of the seminar. Aside from these, Jeepney Magazine and FaithWalk Digest were given.

So many were received that one pastor Manny commented “ nakakatakot naman ito, baka wala na akong matanggap sa langit (I’m afraid that with so much blessings I received today, I will no longer receive anything when I get to heaven).” Pastor Alvin Miranda of Living God Christian alliance Church said, “God bless the ministry that CGM/ACTION are doing to equip more the workers of God.” “We are in need of this kind of timely and relevant seminar… We find yours catering to our needs.” from Dolores Lindo of Jesus Living Stream Church.

While most of the negative comments came from delegates of the City of God Church due to their reactions concerning Benny Hinn being called a false teacher by the speaker, one of their delegates, Agustin Osorio, wrote “Thanks for allowing us to attend the conference and giving us the opportunity to learn more.” This, indeed, is an encouragement that somehow, inspite of the heat, unexpected number of delegates and the differences in beliefs, there is an avenue for learning – and this was provided that day by the seminar just concluded. It also serves as a challenge for CGM/ACTION to continue in this ministry of reaching out to pastors and workers who are at the forefront and therefore, who are most accountable for leading the flock rightly.

Bishop Rollie Daluacio, one of the delegates, closed the seminar in prayer.