Some 65 third- and fourth- year JCS students and their teachers attended the Juniour-Senior Prom, the much awaited social event of the school year. It was held last February 22. 2008 at the Orchid Clubhouse and Country Club in Salitran Cavite.

Male students looked dapper in their coat and tie. And the girls were lovely in their beautiful gowns and cocktail dresses. Some wore gowns courtesy ok kind-hearted sponsors.

One of the highlights was the crowning of the Prom King and Queen. A pastor from Victory Christian Fellowship gave a short talk on love, courtship and marriage that was well-received.

Eighteen pairs of students and five pairs of teachers, all hand-picked, performed the stately rigodon de honor. According to teacher Rosalyn Solis, prom dance coordinator, the dancers have been practicing an hour a week since December. By the second week of January, they were learning to waltz confidently. “The J-S Prom was memorable because the students were able to perform what they have started practicing,” she said.

Other students were partial to the hip-hop and jive. A student band composed mostly of Koreans provided live music, thus encouraging shy students to dance as a group. And for other guests the night, such as those from CGM, the prom was a sort of post-Valentine celebration.