by Kaye Bondoc

Fieldtrip is the happiest and most exciting activity every year. For four years now, outbound educators, facilitates and makes the fieldtrip extra-ordinary for every Jceans. Students were exposed to real life and to real world learning.

Last January 22, 2009, Kuya Marvin oriented the higher elementary and High School students in building B about the coming fieldtrip in Tanay, Rizal. The HE and HS were oriented at 2:00-3:00pm and at 3:00-4:00pm respectively. Kuya Marvin briefly explained about activities, information and things to bring with some added jokes and punch lines for the February 6 event. Bus seats were alphabetically arranges to be sure that the bus will be fully loaded. The assembly time was 5:30am while the departure was 6:00am. Lakbay Kalikasan facilitators informed and entertained the students with stories and funny punch lines.  

The first stop was at, Camp Capinpin. The soldiers gave a warm welcome to all the Jceans. Major Topacio and his soldiers explained what truly soldiers are, their part in the community and historical background of Camp Capinpin. They gave a presentation about the Alpha and Bravo squad, and also taught Jceans about survival and jungle experience. Budol Fight awed and filled Jceans with fun while eating. Jceans ate with their bare hands, with the soldiers and other Jceans, and also tried the food of others.

The purpose of the Budol Fight was to have fun and gain “unity” like the soldiers. Obstacle courses were also tried by the “soldiers of JCS”.

After spending time with the soldiers in Camp Capinpin, “soldiers of JCS” gave their goodbyes to the soldiers of Camp Capinpin. Some Jceans endure the muds in their body inside the bus while the others changed their clothing. “Sa Falls na lang kayo maligo, malapit na lang yun dito” said Kuya Willie, one of the facilitators of Lakbay Kalikasan.

It took less than an hour to the next part of the trip, which is Calinawan cave. The cave was interesting because it is where “LOBO”, a television series in ABS-CBN, took some taping. The cave was quite long and dark.

The last stop of the trip was Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls. But for some reasons, the Jcean weren’t able to enjoy Daranak Falls. Jceans took the bus instead of walking because of the weather and mud. The Batlag Falls was a beautiful piece of the Philippines, the flowing water itself was cold and refreshing. Jceans got their free swim and had little games. Everyone was truly amused and refreshed after the swim in the falls. High School students and teachers relinquished their mature being and enjoyed like a child. After the trip, the students change their clothes inside the bus or use the C.R. Everything went smoothly although the weather changed in latter parts of the trip. Most Jceans enjoyed the Batlag Falls and obstacles in Camp Capinpin. Jceans get dirty and wet, but see, they all learned and enjoyed.