It has been 14 months now that Dorcas and Honey, both with extreme special needs, were placed in the private boarding school for individuals with special needs. Dorcas is afflicted with motor problems, cerebral palsy athetoid type while Honey suffers from convulsive or epilepsy, generalized seizures.  We visit them once a month. They are doing well – Dorcas is studying at an elementary school in the community. Honey has occasional seizure attacks specially of the weather is cold. These are the picture of our last visit. Clara and Nike, German volunteers came with us.  They are doing volunteer work with Jabez Christian School for one year. Dorcas and Honey were excited and happy to see them. They hugged the two Germans. Clara and Nike were also very happy for the opportunity to visit and asked to be part of the CGM team’s monthly visit. CGM pays P 20,000 monthly for the expenses of the two girls in their stay at this private boarding school/facility.