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In March 2003, she was brought to EENT (Ear, Eyes, Nose, Throat) for further referral on her hearing loss problem. The attending physician recommended him to have a neuro–physiological exam at the Makati Medical Center. The test result showed that she needs new assistive hearing device to replace the old one. In the middle of the year, a group of sponsors from USA send the money for the new set of hearing aid for both ears.

The travel to the SpEd school in Imus was not only tiring to the houseparent assigned to bring her to school and back. It was also taxing to Dorcas, who had to contend with everyday travels. So, it was decided to look for a closer school. On school year 2006-2007 she was transferred to Sta. Belina Learning School in Dasmariñas for SpEd and Occupational Therapy.

She has undergone several assessments from her Developmental Pediatrician. Reports showed that she still has poor coordination and slow movement pattern, loco motor problem related to dysarthria, a motor speech disorder resulting from neurological injury, characterized by poor articulation. She was also advised to undergo an ideal SPED set-up such as occupational therapy to train her to develop self-help skills, a functional communication and literacy training, as well as physical therapy to promote good motor function on the right side of her body.

On April 16, 2007 she was transferred to Foster Care program for more focused and one on one care. The Social Worker recommended an alternative care and learning which did not materialize much due to the financial constraints of the organization. Then after a year cared by a Foster Parent, it was decided to bring her back to Residential Care program because of her series of tantrums.

Last July 31, 2009, Dorcas Joy turned 18. Home of Joy celebrated a simple thanksgiving for her and someone made a cake as a gift for her debut. Just like any normal girl who turned into an adolescent period of her life, she was lovely. She bloomed and mesmerized everyone with her transformation into a young lady. She showed an overflowing joy because of the attention she is getting plus the rare experience to wear a beautiful dress. She also received the normal debut ‘18 roses’ from the male children and staff and ‘18 candles’ from house parents and other teenage girls.

Our Dorz is no longer a baby. She is now a young lady, affectionate, helpful and doing great at home, though at times still throw a tantrum. She is praying and hoping that this school year her needs would be met in terms of SpEd Schooling and therapy which will help her fully utilize her skills and physical growth.


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