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The conference started at exactly 9:00 am through a mixed Tagalog and Visayan songs led by the SICAP alumni. Rev. Daniel Kim, the Director of SICAP Center, shared on his devotional message the Five (5) points on “How to Survive the Ministry”, giving emphasis on staying well-feed and well-watered with the Word of God.


The participants were divided into groups, chairs and tables were arranged like a classroom. Plenary speaker, Rev. Paul Caampued took the center stage at exactly 10:00 am and laid down the biblical and theological foundations of a believer’s spiritual maturity through his topic, “Spiritual Maturity as Measurement of Church Growth”.


During the sessions on Five (5) Spiritual Maturity Indicators (Sin, Sanctification, Surrender, Spirit-fullness, and Service), he brought the grouped participants into workshops, group discussions, and brainstorming. He let them raise questions during the sessions; there is a real-time interaction between the speaker and the participants.


The speaker ended the sessions with an encouraging message on Phil. 3:12-14. Overall the participants rated the conference very good. Some participants requested for another conference like this. Before going home, each of the participants gladly received a set of books from CGM and ACTION.


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