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     Their presentation demonstrated how Jesus Christ turned two small fish and 5 loaves of bread into many pieces to 5,000 men. Tithes and offerings were also gathered during the chapel hour. The guest speaker was Kuya Shante Lasala from De La Salle University. He discussed the last part of Hero. It is all about a person who can be a hero regardless of impossibilities. Ripley’s believe it or not! And Guinness World record and some example of a TV shows showing people how other people can do impossible thing that a normal men can never do. In this show, those people who can do impossible things, impossible is no no them! One good example of impossible things that only God can do is when he turned 2 small fish and 5 loaves of bread into many pieces so that 5,000 men can eat.

It is a proof that all things are possible with God. The one point message of the teaching is that “one can be a hero regardless of the impossibilities”. When you multiply what’s in your hand and what's in God’s hand, the result is miracle.

       Closing prayer was led by Elijah Sapuay and some announcements by Zinna Logico for the month of February were the last part of the program. Everything turned smoothly and everyone learned a lot.


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